Activities from last year:


Theme for Camp Skeeter

This year’s theme for Camp Skeeter is Skeeter goes to Hogwarts. All of this year’s events will be geared towards our magical theme. You are welcome to decorate your campsite with and wear costumes based on the theme, there will be prizes and awards.


Swimming Information!!

*** Don’t forget your bathing suits! Trips to Nanaimo Aquatic Center will be on Sunday May 21st for $5 each. The site includes: hot tub, sauna, steam room, wave pool, lazy river, and water slides.

*** Please keep in mind that the logistic of trips to the pool are a nightmare and to expect wait times as we will only have one bus. (and no we cannot just rent two busses as it is too expensive).


Hiking Information!!

*** This year the hike from camp to ammonite falls is back on Saturday May 20th. We realized last year how popular this was so we will be doing it in smaller groups. This is a 5km hike each way from Camp Calliet. If you plan on going on the hike proper footwear and clothing is required or you will not be allowed to go. Sign up to be at camp Saturday morning.


Scouting Skills:

As at the other social camps we will hosting sessions on scouting skills. Anything from camp cooking, to shelter building, to running a company, these are entirely up to what you want and need. If you have ideas you can find us at Rovent or email us at


We also have big plans to keep you entertained – Check out:

  • Friday Night

If you get your gear set up early on Friday night, check out our movies playing on the dance floor! Bring your own chair!

  • Saturday Night – Tri Wizard Tournament

Show us what talent you have and excel at to win a chance to enter the Tri Wizard Tournament

  • Sunday Night – The Ministry of Magic Inspection

Who is the best wizard? Show us all varieties of your wizarding wardrobe and compete for the prize of the best dressed wizard. No Muggles please.

  • The Yule Ball will be on the Saturday and Sunday evenings

Don your best wizard robes and come dance the night away to the Weird Sisters.

  • Other Amazing Events
    • Wizardly Knowledge Quiz, Dragon Crash Landing, Hogwarts Kickball Championship, Quidditch, Dueling Club, the Great Hall Feast, and many more

***Activities Subject to change ***

For all the official rules and regulations for activities see:  or email



Scavenger Hunt


This year’s scavenger hunt list is below and how it works is simple. If you can convince us what you brought matches an item from the list you get a point. There will be a prize for the group that brings the most of the magical items on the list to camp.



Owl Stand

Tri-Wizard 2nd task

Chamber of secrets


Invisibility Cloak




Philosophers stone

Sorting Hat




Phoenix Feather


Golden Snitch









Golden Egg