Skeeter Rolls a D20

This year’s theme for Camp Skeeter is “Skeeter rolls a D20!” So be prepared to whip out your dice bag and put on your robe and wizard hat, then get yourself lost in the forgotten realms as you explore some dungeons and slay dragons! All of this year’s events will have a roleplaying twist to them. You are welcome to decorate your campsite with and wear costumes based on the theme, there will be prizes and awards.


Swimming Information!!

*** Don’t forget your bathing suits! The annual swim trip will be on Sunday the 22nd for $5 per person. The site includes: showers and swimming at the pool.

*** Please keep in mind that the logistic of trips to the pool are a nightmare and to expect wait times as we will only have one bus. (and no we cannot just rent two buses as it is too expensive).


We also have big plans to keep you entertained – Check out:

  • Friday Night – Movie Night

If you get your gear set up early on Friday night, check out our movies playing on the dance floor! Bring your own chair!

  • Saturday or Sunday Night (TBD) –Talent Show

For all those talented bards and other entertainers out there! Try to show us what you used to be good at on Skeeter Stage.

  • Dances will be on the Saturday and Sunday

Saturday’s dance will be for all the seasoned adventurers, so please give them space but others are welcome too. Sunday will be a regular dance party.

  • Other Amazing Events
    • Hike, Food Eating Contest, Trivia Game Show, Board Games, Boffing, Sports Activities and much more.


***Activities Subject to change ***

For all the official rules and regulations for activities see:  or email



Scavenger Hunt


This year’s scavenger hunt list is below and how it works is simple. If you can convince us what you brought matches an item from the list you get a point. There will be a prize for the group that brings the most of the items on the list to camp.


Cleansing Stone

A DM who doesn’t enjoy making players suffer

Robe and wizard hat

A set of dice

BP’s character sheet

Boss monsters

Bard’s instrument


Deck of many things

Magical pet rock that can defeat a demon lord

DM guide

Acquisitions not incorporated

Owl bear

Skeeter the mosquito-dragon

Dragon scale mail

Dancing swords


Mace of terror


Immovable rod

Healing potion

Boots of striding



Bribes 😉