Skeeter Goes to a Wedding

This years theme is Skeeter Goes to a Wedding.

Camp will once again be held on the May long weekend (May 17 to 20). Registration for is now open see the registration page for the registration package and to register.

Your Skeeter Team

Registration for Camp

For those coming to camp. You are not allowed onto the site until you pass through the registration tent and are fully registered. It make our jobs much easier if you pre-register for camp as we have less processing to do when you arrive. Even if your numbers may change, if you pay when you […]

What is Camp Skeeter

Camp Skeeters is one of the four senior section camps in British Columbia run throughout the scouting and guiding year. We provide a fun and safe atmosphere where scouting and guiding youth can network and have fun with their peers. We are open to registered scouting and guiding members from the venturers, rovers and rangers […]