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These are the links to this year’s registration package microsoft word or pdf format.

Skeeter Rolls A D20 Register

Camp Skeeter Agreement

Due to complaints in the past few years from neighboring homes, concerned for their property rights, we ask you that your group abides by the following.

This is an official function of SCOUTS CANADA; all by-laws, policies and procedures of the organization apply.

Do not trespass on the property that does not belong to Camp Caillet (the Skeeter site). If campers are found trespassing on property that does not belong to us, they may be prosecuted and the group will be sent home.

Quiet time will commence ½ hour after the dance finishes in order to respect both our own and off-site neighbours.

Please have the whole group read and then check on the registration form that the whole group understands this rule and will abide by it.

Advisor Agreement

1. All Advisors attending Skeeter must be fully registered and compliant to Scouts Canada’s policies (BP&P Sect. 3000.1 and 4000.1).

2. Advisors will ensure all members in their group are fully registered (BP&P 3000.1, 3000.2, 3000.2(i) and 3000.3). Myscouts (or iMAS) printouts must be provided at registration showing active standing for all members of the group.

3. It is your duty to supervise your youth for the entire weekend.

4. If you have any youth in your group that requires extra attention (medical, personal etc) make sure this is communicated to the Camp Chief

5. All incidents (even if they happen internally within your group at Skeeter) need to be reported to the Camp Chief

  • I have reviewed the camp rules for Camp Skeeter with my youth and have signed it.
  • I have reviewed and understand the Scouts Canada (or Guides Canada) Code of Conduct

I hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree to abide to this document while attending Camp Skeeter

Cheques Made Payable to Scouts Canada

***Payments need to be received BEFORE camp commences. Registrations must be in the mail by May 1st. Mo more “It’s in the mail” excuses.  ***

No Refunds after May 1st


**NO THURSDAY ARRIVALS** Camp officially opens on Friday at noon.

Early Registration

A $5.00 discount will be applied at check out for each youth registered prior to may 1st.  Following that the regular rate will apply.

Location Camp Caillet
Biggs Road
Nanaimo BC

Hosted By 1st Van Isle Rovers
Camp Caillet
Nanaimo BC

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