Camp Skeeter Shuttle Information 2019

Leaves Horseshoes Bay Arrival Departure Bay Shuttle Leaves Ferry Terminal
1:15pm 2:55pm 3:05pm
3:30pm 5:10pm 5:20pm
5:45pm 7:25pm 7:35pm
Leaves Tsawwassen Arrival Duke Point Shuttle Leaves Ferry Terminal
3:15pm 5:15pm 6:00pm
5:45pm 7:45pm 8:15pm

***We will NOT be operating any shuttles to the ferries on Saturday or Sunday, please plan accordingly. Special arrangements for extenuating circumstances can be brought to the Camp Chief. Email: ***

Ferry Shuttles will begin 8:30am Monday. The bus will head to Departure Bay first, followed by a run to Duke Point and another run to Departure Bay. Extra buses will be run after this if the previous buses were full and there are still people remaining.


Parking is VERY limited on site; ALL vehicles will be placed in off-site parking unless discussed with the Camp Chief prior to arriving at camp. Email:

Please inform our staff upon arrival if you intend to catch an early ferry Monday morning (ie 6:30am, 7:00am or 8:45am) and we will ensure your vehicle is brought back to site Sunday night.

Onsite Parking
Please note that on site parking is only available for medical purposes only.
To reserve your spot, please email the camp chief

** New Unloading Policies **

To help facilitate the constant flow of arrival of campers, we will be implementing a 30 minute unloading rule.  Once you arrive onsite, you will move your gear in to the main field, then when your vehicle is emptied, you will be escorted to our secure off-site parking facility.

The off-site parking is a short drive away, and we provide a shuttle to return to camp. The parking is surrounded by a high fence, is patrolled and the compund is locked. Please also note, that once your vehicle is in the off-site parking, it will remain there for the entire weekend. We do our best to keep the off-site parking as organized as possible, we appreciate your patience!

Please note, due to the permit we obtain to operate the camp there is NO parking on the road. The Wastelands Motorcross track is just up the road, and there is a motorcross tournament that is held on the same weekend as Skeeter. We need to keep the road open, you park on the road you WILL be towed.

Map to Skeeter Offsite Parking

Skeeter Parking